2020 Music that Made Me Forget the Detriments of Reality.

Some songs that brought me happiness during unprecedented times.

Image by whoalice-moore from Pixabay.

his year has been a productive one for many artists out there. Thus, lots of music was created and/ or released during lockdown. Here are some of the ones that made me happy enough to forget the world was on fire for about three minutes. These are not claiming to be the “best songs from 2020”, just some that you may not have heard that brought me some joy.

  1. “Judgements from the World’s Greatest Band” by Annie DiRusso.
  • If you like alternative and strong female vocals, this song is for you. This is a song I could see being really popular on Tik Tok if the right people got ahold of it. This is what one would ideally hear when they go to an open mic.

2. folklore by Taylor Swift.

  • I could write a dissertation on this album. If you don’t like Taylor Swift’s music, or female artists in general, you should probably just stop reading this post. It isn’t for you. If you’re at all interested in Swift, it’s super fun to read about all the easter eggs hidden within everything she creates. This album alone has several.

3. Party Favors by Sir Chloe.

  • This is a rock album that works all year round. It contains a popular song titled, “Michelle”, which was a huge hit on Tik Tok.

4. “Kiss U Right Now” by DUCKWRTH.

  • This hip hop bop has been on loop in my apartment for several months. It’s super groovy and makes me feel like a hot person when I listen to it.

5. THE S(EX) TAPES by Fletcher.

  • This is a fun pop EP. If you’re looking for pop music that you haven’t heard millions of times, I recommend this EP. The most get-up-and-dance-right-now songs, in my opinion, are “The One”, “Bitter (feat. Kito)”, and “Sex (With My Ex)”.

6. “Words Ain’t Enough” by Tessa Violet feat. chloe moriondo.

  • Violet released this song in her 2018 album Bad Ideas, but this year she sang it as a duet with moriondo. It’s a super sad indie pop song with lyrics that make me want to be swaddled and placed gently inside a crib.

7. “Diamonds (with Normani)” by Megan Thee Stallion.

  • This song was featured in the film Birds of Prey. The lyrics are empowering and it’s a good song to dance to. It’s also a good song to play in the car on your way to breakup with your boyfriend.

This barely scratches the surface of incredible music released in 2020, but these are what have stayed in my most recently played throughout the year. Something I learned in 2020 is that I really need to expand my music taste, so I’m interested in hearing what other people’s favorite music from this year was. I know I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone else is bumping during lockdown.

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