15 Minuscule details you may have missed in Fox’s ‘New Girl.’

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  1. Warrior Poet

Censorship is a b*tch — a brief history.

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Is your anger irrational?

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Some songs that brought me happiness during unprecedented times.

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  1. “Judgements from the World’s Greatest Band” by Annie DiRusso.
  • If you like alternative and strong female vocals, this song is for you. This is a song I could see being really…

Not based in the actual stars. Just my personal biases.

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My experience watching the world around me develop the same anxiety I’ve had my entire life.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands of people. It has destroyed so many lives. When I talk about my experience, it is not to mitigate anyone else’s. This post is just things I found interesting as someone with OCD in a pandemic.

Under 18 and want to try therapy? Here’s how to broach the subject with your guardian and some things to expect.

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A list of people I confuse each other for

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  • I watched every episode of Euphoria (2019) twice before I realized Cal Jacobs wasn’t played by Josh Duhamel.

Three reasons someone else’s plastic surgery is not an attack on you.

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Like a horoscope, only way more judgmental

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Basically just interviewing myself. She/her. Twitter: @jessamurray

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