Foreshadowing and Easter Eggs in ‘New Girl’

15 Minuscule details you may have missed in Fox’s ‘New Girl.’

Image by Couleur from Pixabay.

here are a few traditional New Girl easter eggs you may already be aware of. For example, how they say something about bears every episode, or how every football game they play is a recording of a University of Oklahoma football game. However, I’ve watched this show five times all the way through since August (I’m fine, kind of) and I picked up some things that I believe are subtle enough to have been missed by many. They could also just be coincidences.

Here are 16 examples of foreshadowing and easter eggs in New Girl:

(Spoiler alert, obvs)

  1. Warrior Poet
  • In Season 1 Episode 10, “The Story of the 50”, Schmidt tells a male stripper that his stripper persona is a “warrior poet.” In Season 4 Episode 4, “Micro”, Jess dates a guy with a micropenis who has a tattoo that says, “warrior poet.”

2. The Only Man We Both Loved

  • In Season 1 Episode 22, “Tomatoes”, Jess breaks up with Russell because she doesn’t have the same passion with him as his ex wife. Jess says she craves that kind of passion. Later that evening, her and Nick get into a passionately angry fight, foreshadowing their future together.

3. Winston’s Future

  • In Season 2 Episode 6, “Halloween”, Winston dresses as a police officer. Later on in the series, he actually decides to become a police officer.

4. Denise

  • In Season 2 Episode 7, “Menzies”, Schmidt hangs up the phone saying, “thank you, Denise.” In Season 7, Schmidt’s daughter randomly starts referring to the color green as “Denise.”

5. Rhonda’d!

  • In Season 2 Episode 9, “Eggs”, Jess talks about a new rhino at the zoo named Rhonda. Later on in the series, Winston marries a woman named Rhonda.

6. Things Work Out Perfectly

  • Also, in Season 2 Episode 9, “Eggs”, Jess and Cece get told how many eggs they have left. Jess is told she has several and can wait a long time before having a kid. Cece is told she has less time. At the end of the series, their lives work out in favor of their diagnoses.

7. Prince is Coming

  • Season 2 Episode 10, “Bathtub”, Jess suggests putting Prince on the jukebox at the bar. In season 3, Prince guest stars and gives Jess advice.

8. Rhonda’d: Part 2

  • Also, in Season 2 Episode 10, “Bathtub”, Nick asks for a ferret lady named “Rhonda.”

9. Cousin Lovin’

  • In Season 2 Episode 16, “Table 34”, Nick says kissing Jess is, “like kissing a cousin.” Later on in the series, Jess unknowingly dates her cousin.

10. Mellow Cello

  • In Season 3 Episode 4, “The Captain”, Nick says his favorite instrument is the cello. Later on in the series, Coach dates a professional cello player. (This one could definitely just be coincidence, but I wrote it down in my notes anyway.)

11. Con-grad-ulations

  • In Season 4 Episode 2, “Dice”, Coach gets high and predicts Cece will return to school. She later gets her GED.

12. Secretary Nick does Laundry

  • In Season 4 Episode 5, “Landline”, Nick calls Schmidt and tells him his socks have been dry-cleaned. This prompts Nick to question why anyone would dry-clean their socks. Later, in Season 4 Episode 8, “Teachers”, it is revealed Schmidt does not know how to do laundry.

13. Crush Pond

  • In Season 4 Episode 16, “Oregon”, Jess breaks up with Ryan because of the distance between them. She later tosses a rock into “Crush Pond” and wishes that her future love lives close by. As we all know, her future love lives right across the hall from her.

14. Bird Thing

  • In Season 4 Episode 21, “Panty Gate”, Jess says she sees Winston growing old and getting a “bird thing.” In Season 5 Episode 19, “Dress”, Winston randomly gifts Sam a bird shirt and gets offended by him not wearing it.

15. Cousin Lovin’: Part 2

  • In Season 6 Episode 14, “The Hike”, Jess goes on a hike with her boyfriend Robby. They get lost, eat all their food (sans raisins) and discover they are relatives. Later, Jess comes to Schmidt’s house and says all she has left of her trail mix is raisins. Nick instantly says how much he loves raisins and would be happy to eat them. This is foreshadowing to their future relationship and how they are “meant to be.”

Again, it’s possible a lot of these are purely coincidental. However, I have a feeling a lot of what seems coincidental could just be strategic.

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