My Favorite Body Positive Instagram Accounts

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A while ago I decided I wanted to enjoy going on social media. The following are accounts to follow on Instagram that don’t make you hate yourself. They promote body positivity and present facts that contradict things diet culture has ingrained in people for years.

  • @ownitbabe is one of the first body positive accounts I’d ever seen. Rini makes frequent, honest posts about her journey to self acceptance. She consistently normalizes parts of the body diet culture shames people for having. She just had a baby and is making posts regarding being pregnant and living with your body while it’s constantly changing.
  • @hgoodrichrd is a licensed dietitian who debunks diet myths and promotes body neutrality. Haley is perfect for anyone unsure about dismissing the diet rhetoric in their life. It is entirely fact-based.
  • @whollyhealed is a life coach who preaches “Liberating the Should-ers in business and in life who are looking for more.” That vague description essentially means she is devoted to helping people be kinder to themselves in order to improve their overall quality of life. This account was ran by Jess, who popularized her account with the hashtag #WHtabootuesday. This account is no longer active, but the posts remain up and they are all focused on normalizing aspects of the human body.
  • @i_weigh is an organization founded by actress and activist Jameela Jamil. This account is dedicated to helping people find worth through the physical and nonphysical parts of themselves. This account has over one million followers and is easily the most popular from this list. I always tell people to follow this account. Its posts offer a very much needed reprieve from the antics of mainstream social media.
  • @happilyfed is run by Devrie, a registered dietitian nutritionist. This account gets down to the facts when it comes to normalizing intuitive eating. It gives credited information that debunks several dietary myths.
  • @thefuckitdiet is run by author Caroline Dooner. She has an entire book (The Fuck it Diet) full of academically researched facts that contradict most diet rhetoric. Her posts and her book have debunked every diet “fact” I once held close to my heart. I HIGHLY recommend following her on Twitter as well and, of course, reading her book.

Changing who I follow on Instagram has been a game-changer in terms of my mental health. I figured out that following people you don’t like just to be nice is actually detrimental to your well-being. My favorite thing about social media is that it’s not real-life, so there aren’t as many consequences. Have you been wanting to unfollow someone for a while but haven’t because you’re friends? Do it. Life is too short to have to scroll past whatever bullshit some girl you went to high school with posts.

Basically just interviewing myself. She/her. Twitter: @jessamurray

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Jessa Murray

Jessa Murray

Basically just interviewing myself. She/her. Twitter: @jessamurray

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